Apr 24, 2014

Words Ending In Qi

The alphabet i is an important letter in "Words with Friends" word game. It is a 1-point letter in the Scrabble game and the qi has 11 points in Scrabble and 11 points in "Words with Friends". If played correctly, it can bring you a very high point total. For a majority of casual Scrabble players, the qi are the quite difficult letter combination to use in creating words compared to the rest of the high value letters. Playing words that end in qi can be difficult to solve in the game of Scrabble, because the majority of qi words is not used frequently in the English language. There are some top words that can be legally played in Scrabble.

To play words that end in qi and get a large amount of points, you’ll most likely have to use both word and letter bonus squares. Preferably, triple letter and triple word bonus squares. Some professional Scrabble players have been quoted saying that learning 7-letter words ending in qi is the best thing; the player will have the advantage of playing bingo with such a high value tile and gain more points. If you really want to become a great "Words with Friends" player, you do not need to spend too much time and effort learning too many words that end in qi. Searching our site you will be able to score some good points with these words!

2 Letter words ending with QI

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